Use A Fodder System As A Dietary Staple For Your Young Chickens

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Use A Fodder System As A Dietary Staple For Your Young Chickens

29 April 2022
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A fodder system can be used as part of your chickens' care routine. Fodder seeds that have germinated will provide your flock with essential nutrients, without requiring a large monetary investment upfront.


Fodder consists of wheat, hay, alfalfa, legumes, grains, and other mixed rations that have recently sprouted, Chickens are just one livestock variety that farmers tend to feed fodder to. Although there are many nutrient-rich products on the market, including pellets and layer products, choosing to start a fodder system from one's home is much more cost-effective.

Since the person who will be growing the seeds will have full control of the planting process, there won't be any concerns about young chickens receiving artificial ingredients in their food batches.

Seeds And Planting

Purchase planting trays and set them up on a shelving unit. Order enough seeds for the system. One seed variety can be added to each planting tray. Use potting soil to line each plant tray. Sprinkle the seeds into the trays and water them. Lighting that is suspended over the seed trays will aid with sprouting the seeds. Use a label system, to keep track of the seed varieties.

Once the seeds have sprouted, they can be given to the chickens. If you are going to use a rotational diet for your flock, choose one or two seed varieties to introduce to your chickens at any one time. You do not need to rely solely upon the sprouts to feed your flock. To provide your chickens with diversity, use a combination of fodder and organic chicken feed to provide your young flock with sustenance. 

The Introduction Of The Diet

Young chickens scavenge for food. This natural instinct will continue throughout the lifetime of a chicken. A pen enclosure should be used to contain your chickens while they are exploring your property. The fodder can be added to the confines of the enclosure.

As the young chickens get used to finding food within this area, they will continue to seek food along the same expanse of land. Fodder can be transplanted outdoors if you would like to supply your chickens with a constant supply of a particular plant variety.

Otherwise, you can use shallow planters to contain the fodder. If you are going to encourage additional plant growth, water the plants regularly. Otherwise, introduce the plant trays and replace them with another fodder variety, once the young chickens have consumed all of the plants that you initially put inside of the enclosure.

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