What Is The Right Kind Of Commercial Land Surveying For A Property?

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What Is The Right Kind Of Commercial Land Surveying For A Property?

21 March 2023
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Humanity has been around for thousands of years, and, the invention of land-owning only dates to about half of its existence on earth. Around the age of 30.000 to 15.000 BC people started settling down on land to grow fields, take care of animals, and survive as communities. Through this process, the invention of land-owning began as part of giving order to the previously chaotic life. Therefore, tribesmen started selecting leaders that had the power and wisdom to adequately divide the land and determine who the owner was. 

This is because the only way to properly make use of a plot of land is to divide it smartly. Evidently, this division will allow the owner to define different specific places, like the best place to breed animals, cultivate plants, get water supplies, etc. But, with the advancement of societies, there came a need for greater precision in land division. This pushed the development of current land surveying technologies.

In the current era, landowners require to properly divide them in order to sell, construct, or exchange them to get the most out of their property. For example, if anyone is trying to use land to build a new home, it cannot be in a part of the land that only has mountains, and, in the case of someone trying to cultivate, there needs to be a balance between humidity, vegetation and soil conditions.

In this sense, commercial land surveying became the basis of land usage. Therefore, it's important not only to understand its application but also the several kinds of commercial land surveying that there are in order to adequately make use of them.

What is the right kind of commercial land surveying for a property?

Topographical survey: This type of land survey uses maps to show the physical characteristics of the area, including both environmental and man-made features such as mountains, basins, rivers, ponds, streets, walls, and other structures. These can be carried out using ground-based field techniques or aerial photography techniques.

Boundary survey: This is a crucial initial step in the purchase, development, or enhancement of any property. These are typically used to define these surveys, and an in-depth investigation into neighboring deeds, initial governmental surveys, roadway projects, etc. may be necessary. Typically, a boundary survey entails research on adjacent property to confirm or locate existing mocumentation.

Subdivision platting: Even though it may seem simple, dividing land into pieces for homes is a complex procedure that calls for expertise and the capacity to work well with engineers and municipal, state, or local politicians.

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