Learn More About High-Nitrogen Organic Fertilizer

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Learn More About High-Nitrogen Organic Fertilizer

30 September 2019
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If you are growing leafy vegetables or vegetables that are considered to be heavy-feeding, it is best for you to use a high-nitrogen organic fertilizer. Nitrogen is extremely important to the vegetation, especially in its earliest stages. There are different types of fertilizers that fit into this category, and you can learn about them by reading the following information.

Blood meal fertilizer

Some of the best high-nitrogen organic fertilizers are blood meal fertilizers. This type of fertilizer includes byproducts of certain kinds of animals, such as those that come from the poultry and cattle industries. Adding bat guano can also really help with the fertilizer.

You have to be careful with this type of fertilizer. Although it is great, it can burn vegetables that are in a more fragile category. This is why you will need to mix it into your soil slowly, taking a couple of days to add all of it into the soil and making sure that you mix it well with the soil before you plant your vegetables.

Something that you will want to know about this type of fertilizer is that it will release nitrogen faster than other types, and it will give you better results in seasons such as spring and fall when the temperatures are a bit cooler. If you are concerned that your soil is depleted, then this is a very good time to opt for this type of fertilizer.

Manure-based fertilizer

Another great fertilizer for your vegetables is manure-based fertilizer. This fertilizer is made from different types of animal manure, especially cattle and poultry manure. You do want to be sure that the manure has been composted before you use it for vegetables. The reason for composting the manure before you use it is that it will kill bacteria that can spread diseases, such as E. coli. This type of fertilizer is much easier on different types of vegetables that are considered to be more fragile.

Now that you have more knowledge of the different types of fertilizers, you can provide your vegetables with the fertilizer that is going to help you yield the best results. When you give your vegetation the right fertilizer, you will also know that you are growing vegetables that are organic, and that means that your vegetables are going to be even healthier for you, as well as anyone else who consumes them.

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