Agricultural Climate Changes

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Agricultural Climate Changes

26 October 2020
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if you are a farmer or consumer who is concerned about climate change, you may wonder what is going on in the world to help the situation. There are many efforts being made in farming to support sustainability for life, some of which you may not even be aware of. Here are a few examples of ways that farmers in America are trying to be aware of climate change.

By-Products Repurposed

Have you ever thought about how many trees are chopped down each year in order to make wood pallets? Some farmers are trying to limit that number by making new wood pallets out of defective produce or the by-products of production. Straw, other grains, and a few other ingredients can be superheated and melted together to make a wood-like material, which can be used for many different products. You may someday have a dining table or chair made from repurposed produce, though for now these materials are being used to make pallets. By using unwanted materials in this productive way, companies are wasting less, as well as reducing their carbon footprint by using something besides wood. It takes quite a few vehicles to get a good haul of wood, the atmosphere will do better because of the new type of wood. 

Solar Irrigation

Solar irrigation is a new spin on an old idea. Every crop needs water to survive, and in the past, people have spent a lot of money and man-hours moving pipe. However, instead of wasting money on an outdated system, farmers today are spending money on irrigation systems powered by the sun. This new system allows farmers to spend their time doing other things that can be more environmentally conscious, instead of spending all of their days trying to get their crops watered. 

Everyone should try to do their part to keep the environment clean and safe. Small efforts can really become something wonderful, even though it may not seem like that at first. Sustainability for life could begin with just installing a new appliance or buying a new more energy-efficient machine. If you are looking to become a more green farm, you may want to check with your community leaders to see if they have any grants or tax benefits for doing so. You may be able to save money in more ways than one. There never was a better time to be more environmentally conscious.