Benefits Of Buying A Prefabricated Horse Shelter For Your Property

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Benefits Of Buying A Prefabricated Horse Shelter For Your Property

30 August 2021
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Horses require a lot of care and giving them a sturdy and comfortable place to live will help keep them healthy and happy. Choosing from the many types of horse shelters available on the market can be challenging, and building one yourself can take time and be extremely expensive, but there are some alternatives to consider.

Wood Construction

When you are considering horse shelters for your property, one of the first things that you may need to decide is the construction material for the shelter or shed. Metal horse shelters are sometimes cheaper to put up, but they can be noisy in windy or stormy weather and that can spook your horses. 

A wooden shelter is much quieter inside and they are typically stronger as well. When built properly and set on a strong foundation, wooden horse shelters will not move around and make noise, they are warmer and easier to insulate, and they can be styled to match other buildings on the property or to stand out as a unique structure. 

Prefabricated Structures

One thing you may want to look at is some of the pre-manufactured horse shelters that are available for your property. There are companies producing these shelters in small workshops that are high-quality shelters with many different options and styles to choose from. 

If you need a full barn and stable area, a run-in shelter in the paddock, or a storage shed for feed and tack, they can build all the parts and then assemble them on your site when it is complete. Most of the companies creating these pre-manufactured horse shelters can make design changes to fit your needs relatively easily, so take some time to discuss the options and the use of the shelter when you contact the builder.

Many of these builders are small businesses that have local artisans working on these buildings to create some beautiful shelters at competitive prices and in a time frame that will fit your needs. Often, the best place to start is with a design consultation so you can discuss the shelters that you would like to erect on your property.

Speed Of Installation

Custom horse shelters take time to build, but when you are working with a company that sells pre-manufactured horse shelters, you can often get a shelter without any custom changes without a long wait. The parts are delivered to the site and assembled over several days, which can be important if you are on a deadline.

Small shelters like run-in shelters may come in a few pieces that can go up in a few hours but check with the manufacturer to determine the amount of time they need to get the shelter built and set up on your land.

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